Vanderbilt University Assistant Director, Black Cultural Center in Nashville, Tennessee

Assistant Director, Black Cultural Center (Job Number: 1801542)


Position Summary :

The Assistant Director of the Black Cultural Center is part of the Social Justice and Identity under the Learning and Residential Affairs Dean of Students at Vanderbilt University and is a key individual contributor responsible for providing oversight, direction, accountability, and leadership to key operational aspects of the Center. Specifically, the Assistant Director is responsible for student support and development, program support and development, administration and management, and campus engagement. Reporting to the Director, the Assistant Director interacts with faculty, staff, students, and internal/external stakeholders.

Vanderbilt Chancellor Nick Zeppos and Dean of Students Mark Bandas have identified diversity, equity, inclusion, and mental health as top priorities for the institution and by extension the offices of the Dean of Students. Candidates must be able to articulate and demonstrate excellence and continued growth in knowledge, awareness, skills, and experience engaging with these priorities in a higher education environment.

About the Work Unit :

The Mission of the Black Cultural Center (BCC) is to enhance the collegiate experience of African and African American students by providing effective programming addressing the academic, cultural, and social needs of each student. The BCC is committed to serving as an essential resource for Vanderbilt and the greater Nashville community that seeks to highlight Black history and culture. Our programs and partnerships promote greater cultural understanding, allyship, and appreciation for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Key Functions and Expected Performance:

Student Support and Development – This position will work with the BCC staff to provide the supportive resources needed for Black undergraduate and graduate/professional students at Vanderbilt. To accomplish this task, the Assistant Director must:

Wellbeing Support

• Periodically meets with students to engage in meaningful conversations to identify potential issues that students might be facing; follows-up on campus partner referrals when outside assistance is needed.

• Follows-up on all wellness check-in forms submitted online by parents.

• Acts as point person for the various campus resources to refer students to the proper office to address needs that go beyond the scope of the BCC staff; this may include academic resources, trauma resources, professional development, etc.

• Coordinates the schedule of campus partners in the BCC Resource Room.

Campus Engagement

• Serves as a representative of the BCC at select student organizational meetings and programs.

• Works with student organizations to co-sponsor programs with the BCC.

Leadership Development

• Serves as one of the two primary facilitators for the BCC Ambassa’Dores; this includes management of all aspects of the BCCA program.

• Assists in the facilitation and management of the Black Leadership Council.

Academic Support

• Manages the academic clubs housed at the BCC; current, club subjects include chemistry and calculus.

• Manages the BCC tutoring program; coordinates tutoring and study sessions for students; working with the Tutoring Center, Engineering and other campus partners.

• Coordinates de-stress events following major exams and manages the café during exam periods.

• Ensures that the BCC environment remains conducive to academic studying.

Community Building (intra-group)

• Works to ensure that BCC programming, resources, and facility are meeting the needs of all Black students at Vanderbilt; this includes those who identify as LGBTQI, athletes, graduate and professional students, etc.

• Manages and supports the LGBTQI affinity group based out of the BCC – Blackout.

• Assists in facilitating town hall meetings / focus groups with Black students to ensure the BCC is addressing student concerns.

Community Building (campus-wide)

• Assist in the management of the Vanderbilt Intentional Diversity Experience (VIDE) project sponsored by the BCC.

• Coordinates the BCC community service collaborations with various campus partners - Service and Fellowship Excursions (SAFE).

• Seeks co-sponsorships for BCC programs with non-Black campus partners.

Program Support and Development - Assist in programs developed around the BCC’s programming clusters. Specifically, this position will assist in the following areas:

Analytics and Reports

Completes the various reports affiliated with each program. The BCC relies heavily on past program analytics and assessments in planning for future programs. The individual program reports provide the necessary statistical information for the compilation of the BCC’s annual and semi-annual Analytics Report. Currently, this position is responsible for the following reports:

• Program Budget Report

• Program Staff Assessment

• Program Evaluation Report

• Attendee Assessment Survey (not for every event)

• Other reports as assigned


• Register BCC events in Anchorlink

• Register BCC events on the University event calendar

• Maintain all BCC program material on the website

• Send program notifications to the BCC listservs

• Sends personalized event invitations to special guest.

• Assists in maintaining the BCC social media pages.


• Proposes innovative programming ideas to meet the needs of BCC constituents; this includes undergraduate students, graduate/professional students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

• Serves as the coordinator for all relevant Black History Month events on campus for the BCC calendar, website, and the general University.


• Communicates and works closely with campus and community partners to build co-sponsorships for BCC programs; this will include participation in the Dean of Students PC Collaborative and active monitoring of the combined programming calendar.


• Manages the logistical details for all BCC programs; this includes, but is not limited to securing venues, contacting speakers/facilitators, technical equipment and other A/V needs.

• Coordinates student and staff worker coverage schedule for BCC programs.

• Tracks attendance via card swipes, physical counts, paper logs, etc.

Administration and Management – This position is responsible for managing several key operational aspects of the BCC. These aspects include, but are not limited to:

Budget Management

· Maintains the BCC programming budget files.

· Monitors the budgets of all student groups advised by the BCC

Facility Operations

· Ensures that policies are being followed concerning reservations, tours, bulletin boards, building expectations, and facility conduct


· Provides leadership and supervision for the student ambassadors of the BCC

Management of Special Initiatives

· Assists in the management of the logistical and programmatic components of the BCC’s special initiatives. Currently, these include:

o Vanderbilt Intentional Diversity Experience

o Service And Fellowship Excursions

o Black History Immersion Excursion

o Graduate Student Writing Group

o Faculty Collaborative Academic Programs

Director Support

· Assists the Director and Associate Director of the BCC in carrying out the necessary task to support the mission of the Center.

· Assists the Director the BCC in developing a continuously evolving innovative vision for the Center.

· Represents the Director and/or the BCC on-campus or off-campus on university, community, and national committees and boards.

· Assists the Director to enhance the role of the Black Cultural Center in fulfilling University initiatives surrounding, immersion, residential education, student wellbeing, and equity, diversity and inclusion.

Campus Engagement – This position will help to represent the BCC in various capacities throughout campus. Such engagements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Serves as an information and resource representative for the BCC at:

  • Campus orientations

  • High School Pre-VU Days, Black & Gold Days, and other recruitment fairs

  • Campus panel discussions

  • Department and Student organizational fairs

  • Others as assigned

  • Serves as a support representative for the BCC at programs sponsored by DOS partners as well as those programs sponsored by student groups advised, officially and unofficially, by the BCC.

  • Manages the administrative and logistical details for all tours of the BCC.

Supervisory Relationships :

This position does not have supervisory responsibility; the position reports administratively and functionally to the Director of the Black Cultural Center.

Education and Certifications:

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education is necessary. A Master's Degree is preferred.

Experience and Skills :

  • At least two years of relevant experience is necessary.

  • Demonstrated knowledge coordinating and conducting cultural programming and services in higher education settings is preferred.

  • Experience in developing and conducting various presentations for diverse audiences is preferred.

  • Experience in conducting research, data collection, and providing data analysis is preferred.

  • Experience in public speaking, communicating with students, faculty, staff, and community members is preferred.

  • Demonstrated organizational skills, scheduling /time management, and various administrative tasks are preferred.

  • Ability to prioritize and multi-task to carry out multiple assignments in a timely manner with minimal supervision is preferred.

  • Ability to utilize and engage in current and new trending technologies and social networking tools is preferred.

  • Strong collaborative and customer service skills are preferred.

Job requires Bachelors and 4 Years of experience or the equivalent.

Primary Location: United States-Tennessee-Nashville

Organization: 30615 - Black Cultural Center

Job: Fiscal Affairs Professionals

Vanderbilt University is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action