Vanderbilt University Associate Dean for Enrollment Management - Peabody College of Education in Nashville, Tennessee

Associate Dean for Enrollment Management - Peabody College of Education (Job Number: 1800286)


About the Position:

Reporting to the Dean, the Associate Dean for Enrollment Management will provide leadership, strategic direction, management, and oversight for all activities related to graduate/professional student recruitment including marketing, admissions, and financial aid, for the Vanderbilt Peabody College of Education and Human Development. This person will be the primary leader and ultimately held accountable for the following efforts:

  • Facilitating an annual process, alongside the Dean and other Peabody leadership, to set annual enrollment targets

  • Developing and implementing a data-informed strategic enrollment management plan that meets targeted enrollment goals and enrolls a high-quality, diverse student body that represents and enhances the reputation of Peabody College

  • Managing an Admissions team and collaborating with the Associate Dean of External Affairs, Director of Interactive Art and New Media, and the Manager of Digital Media Strategies to implement the elements of the strategic enrollment management plan

  • Collaborating with graduate/professional Program Directors and departmental Admissions Coordinators to provide information, resources, and advisory support necessary to meet programmatic enrollment goals

  • Providing leadership to establish admissions priorities and to develop and implement systems and processes to achieve established goals

  • Providing quantitative and qualitative reporting on admissions and enrollment data in the context of the enrollment landscape

  • Implementing and overseeing the packaging and disbursement of the College’s graduate/professional merit aid strategy

About the Department:

With a genealogy dating to a one-room Nashville schoolhouse in 1785, Peabody College today is a world-class college of education and human development. Our mission is to enhance the human condition, with a particular focus on children’s learning and development. We do this as we always have, through the preparation of teachers and leaders; through cycles of research, implementation, and refinement; through service to families, schools, and communities; and through external engagement with professionals, leaders, and policy-makers. Peabody’s focus on learning differences has helped to define the college, as has a reputation for empirical rigor in educational neuroscience; child, family, and community development; special education; the learning sciences; and educational leadership and policy. Peabody is devoted to creating opportunity in an increasingly diverse society and to solving large societal problems.

Peabody has consistently been ranked in the top ten education schools by US News and World Report. With 18 professional and 5 PhD programs, our annual enrollment is approximately 1,000, almost half of whom are recruited each year.

About Vanderbilt University:

Vanderbilt is a renowned private institution founded in 1873 located a little more than a mile from downtown Nashville, TN. The university’s students, faculty, staff and visitors frequently cite Nashville as one of the perks of Vanderbilt. VU is a place where your expertise will be valued, your knowledge expanded and your abilities challenged. It is a place where your diversity is sought and celebrated. It is a place where employees know they are part of something that is bigger than themselves, take exceptional pride in their work and never settle for what was good enough yesterday. Vanderbilt was recently ranked #1 in the Princeton Review at among 382 top colleges and universities for “happiest students” - as well as #2 for “best quality of life” and “great financial aid,” #5 for “best run colleges” and “beautiful campus,” and #6 for both being in a “college city that students love” and having “great campus/city relations.”

Duties, Responsibilities, and Expected Outcomes:

Inquiry and Communications

  • Creating a targeted communication and marketing strategy, continuing to enhance website, and developing program-specific materials, in partnership with Director of Admissions and Director of Interactive Art and New Media.


  • Creating and managing the recruitment strategy, and tracking and reporting on recruitment progress and trends

  • Developing recruitment tools such as webinars, feeder school relationships, student/alumni ambassador programs, and visit strategies

  • Developing the communication strategy to drive applications

Application and Admissions

  • Setting application and admissions targets and tracking and reporting on admission progress

  • Creating and communicating strategy to inform admit decisions, providing data to inform these decisions

Aid Awards and Strategy

  • Creating financial aid strategy, setting merit aid types and amounts, tracking and managing assistantships

  • Managing financial aid budget

  • Communicating aid and assistantship information to students

Yield and Post-Matriculation

  • Managing admitted student events, website, newsletter, and student AmbassaDore program

  • Conducting customized yield actions

  • Creating and updating enrollment management progress dashboards

  • Reporting yield progress to community


The successful candidate will have the following skills and credentials:

  • PhD or EdD preferred

  • Strong analytic skills

  • Mastery of an admissions platform (Slate, Banner, etc.) (Vanderbilt uses Slate)

  • Strong verbal and written skills

  • Evidence of strategic planning ability


In addition to offering a lively community that encourages learning and celebrates diversity, VU offers a competitive, flexible benefits package including health, dental, vision, life, accidental death & dismemberment, disability insurance, paid time off, and a 403(b) retirement plan with employer match. Vanderbilt offers tuition assistance to employees, spouses and dependent children. Also, after five years of service, Vanderbilt will pay up to 55% of the tuition for up to three dependent children to earn a bachelor's degree. Learn more about Vanderbilt's benefits at VU Benefits Overview at

Success Factors:

  • Ensures we have the tools and resources to do the job

  • Holds everyone in the workgroup accountable for accomplishing the outcomes of the unit.

  • Addresses problems among the workgroup when they arise, rather than letting them fester

  • Praises publicly.Is genuinely appreciative of the accomplishment of members of the team

  • Criticizes privately.Focuses more on how to do it better next time than how it went wrong this time.

  • Shares a clear vision for the work of the unit, and is clear about what outcomes are expected

  • Provides clear guidance and direction, doesn’t change direction with the wind.

  • Lets the buck stop with them; owns the outcomes for the work unit, and doesn’t throw subordinates under the bus if things go wrong

  • Is clear with the deliverables and outcomes needed, but allows members of the work unit to tackle the problems in the way they see fit, without micromanaging every process.Understands that the destination – rather than the exact route – is what’s important.

  • Seeks first to understand before making decisions.Doesn’t shoot first and ask questions later.Solicits input from a diverse group of others, including members of the work group, other stakeholders, and naysayers/critics, when faced with complex challenges, before making a decision.Identifies options and hones in on pros and cons of each option.Lets others know where they are in their decision-making process.

  • Makes decisions, even in the face of incomplete information, rather than avoiding making decisions

  • Practices what they preach; doesn’t set expectations of others that they don’t live up to themselves

  • Pitches in to help the team when it really needs help

  • Communicates in ways that are clear and succinct, rather than confusing or ambiguous.

  • Communicates early and often, even as information is evolving.

  • Willingly shares their expertise with their direct reports; actively coaches

  • Is willing to learn from their direct reports

  • Thinks creatively when tackling a challenge; questions the status quo in search of better ways.Looks for insights, assesses risks.

  • Is willing to course-correct if things aren’t going as planned, even after decisions have been made and communicated.

  • Welcomes inquiry and recognizes mistakes as learning opportunities.

  • Cares about their employees as people, not just as “resources”

  • Makes this a fun place to work.Enhances camaraderie, builds trust, and invites members of the work group to be their authentic selves.(Research says that the statement “this is a fun place to work” is the single most highly-correlated statement to the overall “taking everything into account, I consider this a great place to work.”Fun is not a driver of great workplaces, but it’s an important barometer.)

  • Champions the work unit’s cause, and makes compelling business cases for its needs.

Job requires a Masters degree and 8 years of experience (with 5+ years of experience specifically in successful graduate recruiting with increasing responsibilities)

Primary Location: United States-Tennessee-Nashville

Organization: 21000 - Peabody College: Office of the Dean

Job: Administrative Unit Heads / Professionals