Vanderbilt University General Manager, Campus Dining in Nashville, Tennessee

General Manager, Campus Dining (Job Number: 1801343)


About the Position:

As a key member of the Campus Dining Team, the General Manager assumes a strategic role in the overall planning and management of Campus Dining’s large scale, self-operated dining program. The General Manager provides Campus Dining with expertise in dining and hospitality management, procurement, sustainability, nutrition initiatives, culinary trends and program development. This position is responsible for monitoring financial & budgetary transactions to ensure efficient operation and expenditures within budget limitations. The General Manager has oversight of an annual operating budget of up to 6 million and an operation with over 75 unionized staff and 30+ student employees, serving 3,000 meals daily.

About the CampusDining Department :

Vanderbilt Campus Dining takes pride in the culinary creations served from our kitchens. Our Dining program is highly decorated, the winner of many prestigious awards in the food service industry, including Best On-Site Food Service Operation in the Nation, Best Food Service Operator, the prestigious Ivy Award, and many more. We have 4 main dining centers, 10 restaurants and cafes, 6 convenience stores, and we employ over 300 employees.

Duties andResponsibilities:

  • Conduct monthly reviews of food and beveragescost controls, labor costs, purchasing, and inventory control with AssistantDirector to ensure achievement of financial goals.

  • Direct all personnel programs includinghiring, training, development, evaluation and corrective action.

  • Establish a structure for managing processesthat identify problems, prioritize goals, and report progress and solutions tothe Assistant Director of Campus Dining.

  • Monitor compliance with health department,OSHA, and university policies and procedures. Develop systems to overseesanitation, health code compliance, maintenance and repairs.

  • Develop and maintain positive and professionalworking relationships with relevant staff, University personnel, studentsand other internal and external stakeholders.


  • Restaurant Management : Demonstrates mastery of restaurant management inpractical applications of a difficult nature. Possesses sufficient knowledge, training,and experience to be capable of successfully delivering results withoutrequiring support and instruction from others. Able to train and educate bysetting the example, giving instruction, providing leadership, and generallyraising the level of performance of others while on the job.

  • Customer Service :Keeps user management informed on allaspects of one or more projects. Takes personal responsibility to ensureexternal and internal customer satisfaction is met despite pressures and/orsignificant obstacles. Discusses options with customer for alternative ways tomeet expectations cost-effectively and efficiently. Commands respect andconfidence from customers, and identifies influences and creates businessopportunities. Negotiates with customers for changes in service levels,understanding the business rationale for those changes. Deals with unexpectedcustomer demands smoothly and without conflict.

  • Employee Management : Successfully resolves conflicts and disciplinaryproblems. Provides counseling and career development planning to subordinates.Constructively gives timely positive and negative feedback, confrontingindividual performance problems in a professional and sensitive manner. Awareof the values, abilities and needs of others. Demonstrates the ability tocreate a positive work climate, establishing a feeling of partnership andempowering others. Has set, coached and assessed the assignment objectives ofsubordinates. Practices and rewards behaviors supportive of company values.

  • Budget Preparation and Reporting :Demonstratesthe ability to adjust or adapt the organization's expense reporting systemsbased on the current requirements of the department and its customers. Can also assist in explaining impact of organization'sexpenses on the total customer expenses.Familiar with a variety of budget types such as sales, production, cashflow/cash, marketing, project, revenue, and expenditure. Understands a department’s operating budgetwith respect to Campus Dining as a whole.Can identify through analysis and understanding each function impactinga department’s overall expense position.

  • Trainingand Development : Has the ability to present course modulesas part of an overall program. Demonstrated audience sensitivity andawareness. Understands and embracestraining and development as one of the major steps to maximize Campus Dininggoals, the performance of Campus Dining is related to the performance of theiremployees.

SupervisoryRelationships :

This position does have direct supervisory responsibility over managers, supervisors, chef, sous chef, administrative assistant and hourly food service employees; this position reports administratively and functionally to the unit manager.

Experienceand Education :

  • Associates degree preferredand a minimum of 5 years of management experience in a high volume,multi-unit food and beverage operation.

  • Proven knowledge of dining services budget management.To develop and implement methods to control cash, food and labor costs,retail prices, inventory, and equipment.

  • Skill in personnel management including knowledge andskill of evaluating, communicating in an effective, straightforwardmanner, thereby creating a positive climate for maximum employeeproductivity, growth and development.

  • Must haveexcellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability tomulti-task and prioritize in a deadline-oriented environment

  • Strong commitment todelivering a high level of customer service with demonstrated initiative,leadership, and management skills.

  • Proficiency in MicrosoftWord, Excel, and PowerPoint and POS Systems is required.

  • Must be flexible to workextended hours due to business requirements including late nights,weekends and holidays.

Success Factors:

Accountability andExecution:

  • Holds everyone in the workunit accountable for accomplishing the outcomes of the unit.

  • Let’s the buck stop withthem; owns the outcomes for the work unit and doesn’t throw subordinatesunder the bus when things go wrong.

  • Practices what they preach;doesn’t set expectations of others that they don’t live up to themselves.

Collaboration: Works inclusively to build trust and accomplish tasks, goals and initiatives. Understands, anticipates and appropriately responds to internal and external customer needs.

  • Optimism– is friendly andpolite. Comes to work with a good attitude

  • Teamwork - Genuinely valuesteamwork and co-workers; make them feel valuable and important byacknowledging what they do well. Doesn’t expect from others effortthat one is unwilling to do themselves. Finds ways to acknowledgeother’s strong suits.

  • Honest and Transparent -Doesn’t have hidden agendas. Doesn’t play people against each other. Isauthentic and forthright.

Communication: Provides information clearly and accurately in various settings, ensuring understanding and participation. Understands how to best present information to different audiences and understands how information may be perceived

  • Sharing – Sharesinformation. Communicates proactively. Transmits knowledge; recognizesthat “knowledge is power” is less effective than “sharing knowledge ispower.” Asks for advice, and considers it thoughtfully.

  • Praises Publicly; CriticizesPrivately – When dealing with a difficult co-workers or customers,“pretend your children are watching” how the situation is handled. Goodmanners help keep a cool head. Gives credit where credit is due.

  • Responds Promptly – Whenemails and phone messages aren’t returned in a timely way, it sends themessage that the other party is not important. Responds even if justto acknowledge receipt and provide a timeframe by which the requester canexpect a full response.

Judgementand Professional Acumen : makes appropriate decisions and evaluates risk and uncertainty to create ideal outcomes, exhibits an eye for macro and micro and works to ensure others are able to do the same.

  • Maturity –Exhibits professional maturity; doesn’t pass the buck to dodge accountability;doesn’t engage in petty office politics or inappropriate social conduct

  • Autonomous– Self-managing; self-motivated. Manages time, activities and outcomes well sothat progress stays on track. Cleans up after themselves.

About Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt is a renowned private institution founded in 1873 and located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. The university’s students, faculty, and staff frequently cite Nashville and the surrounding area as one of the many perks of being a part of the Vanderbilt community. Vanderbilt University is a place where your expertise will be valued, your knowledge expanded, and your abilities challenged. It is a place where your diversity is sought and celebrated. It is a place where employees know they are part of something bigger than themselves, take exceptional pride in their work and never settle for what was good enough yesterday. Vanderbilt was recently named the “best large employer” in Tennessee and a top employer for women by Forbes , ranked #1 in the PrincetonReview among 384 top colleges and universities for having the best financial aid in the nation – as well as #3 for “happiest students,” “quality of life” and “beautiful campus,” #4 for both being in a “college city that students love” and for having “great campus/city relations.”

This position requires a Bachelors Degree and 5 Years of experience or the equivalent.

Primary Location: United States-Tennessee-Nashville

Organization: 36547 - Commons Dining Center

Job: Facilities Professionals