Vanderbilt University Program Coordinator II (School of Medicine Masters of Genetic Counseling (MGC) Program) in Nashville, Tennessee

Program Coordinator II (School of Medicine Masters of Genetic Counseling (MGC) Program) (Job Number: 1801611)


Position Summary :

The Program Coordinator is part of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and is a key individual contributor responsible for overseeing the Vanderbilt University Masters of Genetic Counseling (MGC) Program. The position performs a range of administrative and operation support roles for the MGC Program. The Program Coordinator reports administratively to the Assistant Dean for Health Sciences and functionally to the MGC Program Director.

About the WorkUnit :

The mission of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is to improve human health. To achieve this goal, we will:

§ Prepare physicians, scientists and educators for positions of worldwide leadership.

§ Discover and disseminate new knowledge that advances understanding of health and disease.

§ Provide compassionate, personalized patient care of the highest quality in service to our local, national and global communities.

§ Embrace a culture of lifelong learning, innovation and continuous improvement.

§ Create a diverse and broadly inclusive community of faculty, staff and students that enriches our learning environment and ensures excellence in research and patient care.

§ Nurture and protect Vanderbilt’s unique legacy of cooperation, collegiality, and mutual respect.

§ Foster the personal and professional growth of all members of the Vanderbilt community, as we continuously strive to realize full potential.

The school’s mission includes the education of physicians at all levels of their professional experience: medical school; postgraduate education, including basic science and clinical training; and continuing education and professional development for the practicing physician. In addition several master's level and two additional doctoral degrees in health care professions are offered.

Faculty members teach the practice of exemplary patient care at all levels; model programs of health care delivery, at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels; and fulfill the school’s responsibility for community service.

In addition to teaching, members of the medical school faculty have a complementary responsibility to generate new knowledge through research. At Vanderbilt, research encompasses basic scientific questions, issues in clinical care, questions related to the health care system, and scholarship in the medical education process itself. Vanderbilt is recognized as one of the leaders in research among medical schools in the United States.

Key Functions andExpected Performance:

Provides Overall Program Administration and Operations Coordination

§ Coordinates day-to-day administrative and operational activities for all aspects of the program.

§ Acts as a primary point of contact for the program, answering inquiries, providing information, and addressing concerns of current students, prospective students, faculty staff, and VUSM administration members; relays information between those groups as needed.

§ Interfaces effectively with key program, departmental and institutional individuals/entities, including those in the VUMC Vanderbilt Genetics Institute and the VUSM Office of Health Sciences Education and VUSM Office of Enrollment Services (VU entities).

§ Schedules program-related meetings (e.g., Advisory Board meetings, program faculty meetings, etc.), arranging for appropriate room, equipment, food and materials (e.g., handouts); sends reminders for meetings, and takes and distributes minutes for meetings.

§ Provides logistical planning and execution for special events (e.g. annual program orientation, annual research day, faculty and student retreats and workshops), including reserving space, working with catering, arranging for transportation, managing registration, reserving equipment, producing handouts, etc.

§ Manages MGC website content on the VUSM site, continuously reviewing it for accuracy and updating as needed; works closely with VUSM Digital Communications Manager to manage MGC social media presence and MGC website adheres to VU communications standards.

§ Recommends and implements, with leadership input, improvements to program operations.

Provides support for MGC educational programming (classroom sessions, clinical rotations and research experiences) and student assessment processes.

§ Assists program leadership in creating course/rotation schedules for clinical practica, classroom sessions and research activities; liaisons with VUSM Office of Enrollment Services on course-related management issues (providing course descriptions, course schedules, etc.; serves as point of contact for student, faculty and administration questions about course schedules.

§ Oversees course support logistics; assists in scheduling space for course sessions; facilitates faculty and student use of technology in classroom settings.

§ Creates and manages courses in VU online course management system (Brightspace); refers faculty and students to appropriate Brightspace support resources.

§ Liaisons between the VUSM Office of Enrollment Services and program faculty and student to ensure deadlines are met and proper student records are maintained.

§ Liaisons with the VUSM Assistant Dean for Health Sciences Education on VUSM and VU policies and procedures to ensure program operates in compliance.

§ Helps coordinate and conduct orientation for new students, as well as on-boarding of visiting students.

§ Manages student compliance requirements to ensure all are met by deadlines provided by the School of Medicine.

§ Maintains records of student progress on thesis requirements and brings delinquencies to the attention of program leadership.

§ Maintains and distributes course and faculty evaluations per program procedures; creates and distributes reports to appropriate program personnel.

§ Facilitates proper collection, distribution and maintenance of student assessment data.

§ Updates MGC content in the VUSM Catalog and the Program Handbook, in collaboration with the Program Director and the Assistant Dean for Health Sciences Education.

Student Recruitment and Admissions

§ Responds to inquiries from prospective students, appropriately referring to program faculty if needed.

§ Assists with development of recruitment materials, utilizing VU/VUMC resources as appropriate and maintaining compliance with VU communications standards.

§ Represents MGC Program at local outreach programs (e.g., career fairs), and provides general information about the program.

§ Collaborates on development and implementation of communications vehicles (e.g., newsletter) for students, faculty and alumni.

§ Admissions

§ Under the direction of the MGC Admission Committee chair, coordinates student application, admission and onboarding processes.

§ Provides administrative support to the Admission Committee, scheduling meetings and arranging for appropriate room, equipment, food and materials (e.g., handouts); sends reminders for meetings, and takes and distributes minutes for meetings.

§ Maintains online application tools used by the program, ensuring accurate information and responding to user concerns.

Financial Administration

§ Makes purchases and requisitions of items needed for program.

§ Maintains records according to VU documentation requirements and ensures appropriate use of institutional funds.

§ Processes check requests and expense reports for faculty and students receiving payment from VU sources of funding for program-related expenses.

§ In conjunction with the director, faculty leadership, and OHSE-VU administrative officer, assists in creating the proposed program budget each fall; assists in collection of information needed to create budget (e.g., procures cost estimates for marketing materials).

§ Monitors expenditures, in collaboration with Program Director, to ensure that the program is executed on or under budget.

§ Processes student financial assistance funding (e.g., LEND funds), in collaboration with appropriate VU and VUMC policies and delegates.

§ Coordinates program leadership travel plans (related to MGC Program only), acting as VU Concur delegate when needed.

Program Evaluation and Accreditation Support

§ Creates surveys to collect information required for program evaluation and accreditation reports.

§ Compiles reports of program outcomes, benchmarking results against the established goals, objectives, and timelines.

§ Creates and maintains appropriate documentation of program activities to ensure compliance with program accreditation (ACGC) and institutional accreditation (SACS) standards, as well as Vanderbilt’s internal policies and procedures. Collects documentation from stakeholders needed for accreditation reports.

§ Prepares draft accreditation reports, incorporating input from program leadership and other stakeholders; compiles accreditation reports and necessary supporting documentation into final document for submission, ensuring all components are in place and delivered on time.

SupervisoryRelationships :

This position does not have supervisory responsibility; the position reports administratively to the Assistant Dean for Health Sciences and functionally to the MGC Program Director.

Education andCertifications:

§ A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education, or equivalent combination of education and experience is necessary.

§ A Master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education is preferred.

Experience and Skills :

§ At least 3 years of work experience or the equivalent combination of education and related experience, preferably in an academic setting, including demonstrated operations experience with program/event coordination, problem resolution and utilization of technology is necessary.

§ Experience in program administration and coordination is preferred.

§ Ability to work in a fast-paced environment is preferred.

§ Commitment to continuous program improvement is preferred.

§ Excellent computer skills are preferred.

§ Self-motivation and the possession of strong interpersonal and communication skills (both written and spoken) are preferred.

§ Enthusiasm for working in a collaborative environment with faculty, staff, and students is highly preferred.

§ Ability to follow institutional policies at all times and actively engage in continuous quality improvement of all systems and processes is preferred.

KeyCharacteristics of a Successful Team Member in this Work Unit:

§ Teamwork – Genuinely values teamwork and co-workers; make them feel valuable and important by acknowledging what they do well. Doesn’t expect from others effort that one is unwilling to do themselves. Finds ways to acknowledge other’s strong suits.

§ Hard-Working – Is industrious as well as efficient (busy isn’t the same as productive). Can juggle multiple competing priorities simultaneously without becoming overwhelmed.

§ Reliable – Does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. Shows up for work when expected. Doesn’t push the burden of work volume or deadlines to others.

§ Nice – Asks caring, interested questions and is a good listener. Smiles and is grateful. Sends appropriate notes of thanks to others who have helped. Avoid gossip or saying negative things about co-workers. Patient and generous. Make suggestions rather than stating hard and fast opinions. Avoids being negative, sarcastic, and cynical.

§ Eager – Enthusiastic, wanting to learn, wanting to continue one’s personal and professional development and expertise.

Job requires Bachelors and 2 Years of experience or the equivalent.

Primary Location: United States-Tennessee-Nashville

Organization: 18520 - Professional Non-MD Programs

Job: Institutional Affairs Professionals

Vanderbilt University is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action