Vanderbilt University Program Coordinator in Nashville, Tennessee

Program Coordinator (Job Number: 1801338)


Position Summary:

The Program Coordinator is a position within the Institute for Software Integrated Systems in the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University, and is a key contributor responsible for providing computer-based, administrative/fiduciary, and logistical services for l Federal sponsors in support of the CPS-VO Program. This position reports directly to the Assistant Director of ISIS, and reports programmatically to the Director, Research Coordination and Outreach, who is responsible for identifying, coordinating, and executing federal IT R&D and outreach programs; these programs are designed to accelerate community building and progress of federal science agencies, mainly those of the National Science Foundation (NSF), but that also may include those of the Federal Highway Administration/Department of Transportation (FHW/DoT), the National Institute of Food and Agriculture/US Department of Agriculture (NIFA/USDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the National Security Agency (NSA, among others. This position will support annual workshops, PI meetings, and report writing.

Routine tasks include:

1) End-to end coordination and execution of workshops and PI Meetings,

2) Application of computer-based/web services to create and maintain data generated from the these activities, and

3) Administrative/financial functions, including handling aspects of the procurement and disbursement processes affecting products and services required to successfully execute programs

The successful candidate must be willing to travel intermittently throughout the year and must be available outside business hours as necessary to support time-sensitive project activities.

About the Work Unit:

The Institute for Software Integrated Systems conducts basic and applied research in the area of systems and information science and engineering. Applications of its technology span a wide range of software-intensive systems from small embedded devices, through real-time distributed systems, to globally deployed complex systems. Software is increasingly essential to the functions of these systems, and it is also the primary means of adapting them to their environments and users. Our research interests lie in the theoretical foundations, modeling, design, engineering, and educational aspects of these systems.

Key Functions and Expected Performance:

Will substantially support the overall logistics planning and coordination of research project events and services in order to meet established goals, policy guidelines, and timelines.

  • Assist with research, identification, and selection process regarding the facilities necessary for hosting events, programs, or services:

  • Maintain appropriate documentation for events, programs, or services to ensure compliance with Vanderbilt policies and procedures

  • Coordinate graphics and other printed materials for events, programs, or services

  • Assist with planning event timelines

  • Recommend improvements to the implementation of events, programs, or services.

  • Coordinate the work of volunteers and/or students to help in the execution of events or programs/services

  • Assist with the identification and selection of volunteers and/or students to help support onsite logistics of events or program

  • Assist with developing the duties and responsibilities for volunteers and/or students and to ensure that this information is well socialized before the execution of events programs/services

  • Coordinate duties of on-site volunteers and/or students to ensure the flawless execution of events, programs, or services

  • Will apply computer-based knowledge needed to effectively execute the basic required services (e.g., collecting, coordinating, posting, editing, and archiving large volumes of content resulting from events, programs) on the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Virtual Organization (VO) platform that is managed and maintained by the VU-ISIS CPS VO team

  • Website development skills, although not required, are desirable

  • Provide content development, editing, and archival services on the CPS VO for events, programs, or services

  • Work with the CPS VO team to conduct tests to address bugs and other problems

  • Will coordinate and process the procurement and disbursement logistics affecting events, programs, or services in accordance with Vanderbilt University policies and procedures

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of Vanderbilt’s procurement, disbursement, and travel policies and procedures to ensure that vendor contracts are processed and signed by the appropriate Vanderbilt authorities; must facilitate the timely processing of check requests and travel reimbursements for Vanderbilt and non-Vanderbilt personnel

  • Research and identify vendors and set up cost comparisons to aid in the selection of vendors for final contracting

  • Assist with answering community inquiries, providing information, and addressing concerns about status of reimbursements

  • Execute a broad range of purchases and requisitions

  • Monitor and maintains accurate records to track all purchases and reimbursements

Other possible responsibilities:

  • May assist with the budgetary coordination and organization for events or programs/services

  • Research data and prepare cost estimates to support budget proposals.

  • Monitor and reconcile expenditures via standard monthly meetings with appropriate administrative finance staff.

  • Provide support services for document and report preparation, as needed

  • As requested, conduct literature searches and extract data from the CPS VO in support of annual, project, and workshop reports and white papers

  • As requested, take notes of meetings and prepare summaries

Supervisory Relationships :

This position does not have supervisory responsibility; this position reports administratively to the Assistant Director of ISIS and functionally to the Director, Research Coordination and Outreach.

Education and Certifications:

Specific certification or education is required. At a minimum, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited US college or university is required. A Master’s degree is desired.

Experience and Skills :

  • The successful candidate will possess the following skills:

  • Website/content development and management and other basic computer-skills, especially knowledge of Microsoft Office that includes preparing Ppt. presentations, preparing charts and graphics,

  • Event planning and management

  • Financial management

Success Factors:

  • Strong work ethic

  • Willing to learn new concepts

  • Willing to work long hours when needed to successfully complete multiple projects at any given time

  • Willing to travel intermittently on an annual basis

  • Willing to work independently as needed

  • A strong team player who is results-oriented,

About Vanderbilt University

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This position requires a Bachelor's and 1 year of experience or the equivalent.

Primary Location: United States-Tennessee-Nashville

Organization: 15730 - Institute for Software Integrated Systems

Job: Institutional Affairs Professionals